I am equally inspired by the wide expanse of Arizona’s high desert and the sheer verticality of New York City’s ideas and innovations, the contrast of living in both places has offered me the tools of both stillness and vigor. Through the practice of mediation and then the daily bootcamp of NYC living, I have been able to clarifying my vision for the future, blending together modern and ancient wisdom. 

I am inspired by ancient healing techniques of Ayurvedic Medicine (system of nadis & Jyotish Vedic Astrology), Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), and Anthroposophic Medicine (the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner) and modern technologies such as opensource EEG, HRV sensors, the crescograph, plus ongoing meditation practices and insights from Elisabeth Haich, Samuel Sagan, I Ching, Rudolf Steiner, and Yogananda. 
Carrie Mae Rose

"All who are upon the Path, whether the path of occultism or mysticism, are weaving the ‘golden wedding garment’ by both inner alchemical work, and by outer service, whereby they transmute the body, building it into the incorruptible body of light, which the aspirant weaves, thread by golden thread, deed by selfless deed.  By sacrifice and service the ‘golden wedding garment’ forms as an amalgamation of the golden substance ‘emanated from and by the Spirit of the Sun,’ which, when of sufficient density, shall enable us soar into the higher spheres.’"
Max Heindel

born 1975
lives and works in Jerome, AZ & Brooklyn, NY 

2009  M.F.A. in Design & Technology, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
2002  B.A. in Sculpture & Textiles, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ

Residencies / Fellowships / Collaborations / Public Talks / Workshops
2016 Speaker at Parsons Y4 Labs NY, NY
2016 Speaker at Prescott College - Opening the Creative Body Course, Prescott, AZ
2015 Speaker at California College of Art (CCA) ~ Graduate Fine Arts Satellite Lecture Series ~ Angels and Astronauts in San Francisco, CA 
2014 Collaboration with Mars Without Borders (MWOB) and sponsorship with Hanoux for hand-built custom Computational Couture garment for analog astronaut simulation at Mars Desert Research Station in Utah Dec 13th - Dec 29th.
2014 Speaker at Silicon Harlem, Panel: Artist Fuse with Technology in Harlem, NYC
2014 Speaker at LISA (Leaders in Software and Art) Monthly Salon ~ LED LAB in TriBeCa, NYC
2014 Speaker at Women in Art and Technology event with A.I.R. Gallery with Amelia Marzac
2014  Speaker for NYU POLY TECH MAGNET Lecture Hall Series - Carrie Mae Rose on Wearable Weapons
2014 Speaker at Animamus Art Salon event held at Molasses Books in Brooklyn, NY.
2013 Between the Door and The Street: A Performance Initiated by Suzanne Lacy Brooklyn Museum & Creative Time, moderated by Jasmine Wahi Contemporary
2012-2013 Computational Fashion Fellow at Eyeabeam Atelier in collaboration with scientist Dr. Dan Steingart
2013 Speaker The Very First Year at Eyebeam Art & Technlogy in NY, NY
2013 Speaker for Bootcamp at Parsons MFA in Design & Technology in NY, NY
2013 Keynote Speaker on Fashion & Science for STEM Day for Teens Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Complex
2013 Eyebeam Chats: Residents and Fellows in Conversation - Panel discussion about Bodies and Technology
2013  NY Hall of Science Workshop Assistant 
2012 Speaker at Microsoft Social Computing Symposium in NY, NY
2011-2012 Eyebeam Residency from September to February in Chelsea, NY, NY
2011  Speaker at Time Warner Center Art for Business Volunteers for the Arts
2011  Radio Interview: Break Through Radio - Art Uncovered ~ Interview by Thomas Seely
2009  Watermill Center Residency ~ Butoh performer in Steven Vega's short film at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center
2009  IgniteNYC ~ Presented Agave Armor Project at Open Hack Day in Hudson Theater NY, NY
2008  Future Families Together Workshop at MoMA ~ in conjunction with the exhibition Design & the Elastic Mind

Solo / Two Person Exhibitions
2017 Agave Festival at Hotel Congress Installation in Tucson, AZ
2016 Agave Wing Installation in Cottonwood, AZ 
2015 Carrie Mae Rose at (      ) blank by Wallplay NY, NY
2013  Light As A Feather, BODYCROWNS: Poetic Models of Future Garments for Space Emigration at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in NY, NY 
2012  Wearable Weapons ~ Hoop Study 005 (Rite of Passage) in Window Gallery at Eyebeam in NY, NY
2011  ShearGlory Exhibition at Devotion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
2007  Agave Armor for the 21st Century ~ Five15 Arts , Phoenix, AZ 
2005  Leaping Point - Gallery Beyond Words, Prescott, AZ
2003  The Sacred and The Profane ~ Pangaea, Prescott, AZ
2002  Impeccable Assumptions ~ B.A. Thesis Show at The Chapel, Prescott, AZ
2001  Reclamation ~ Shoestring Gallery, Prescott, AZ

Group Exhibitions
2017 Building Puentes Across Naciones at Museo de Arte de Nogale in Nogales, Mexico
2016 Gateway Project Space Baccahnal Newark, NJ
2015 Future Fossils event with Artbeat & Gild Hall NY, NY 
2014  Inseparable: The Soundwall Experience at Gallery 151 ~ NY, NY
2014  POLISH at Rox Gallery ~ Lower East Side NY, NY  
2014  Ultra/Sensory on Womanorial ~ Curated by Lilia Kudelia 
2014  Eyebeam Annual Showcase Exhibit at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in Chelsea, NY, NY
2013  Least Orthodox Goddess at Gallery 151  Chelsea NY, NY 
2013  Eyebeam Annual Showcase Exhibit at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in Chelsea, NY, NY 
2012  Look | Sharp: Art and Fashion from the Edge at Galerie Protégé in Chelsea, NY, NY
2011  Piece of Mind - F.I.T. Show in Chelsea, NY, NY 
2010  BETA Spaces, Surreal Estate Arts Collective, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
2009  Merve Unsal's Online Airports Project based in New York, NY
2009  Parsons Thesis Exhibit, New York, NY
2007  99$ Show - Five15 Arts , Phoenix, AZ 
2006  Fiber Arts Showcase -Gallery 107, Winslow, AZ
2005  Shift Show - Gallery Beyond Words, Prescott, AZ 
2003  Raku Gallery, Jerome, AZ 

Press / Publication
2015 Metalsmith, The Art of Disarming ~ by Kim Cridler, pages 26-34, full image on page 31
2015  Computational Fashion: Topics in fashion and wearable technology ~ book pages: opposite contents & 68-73
2014  Artist Spotlight: Carrie Mae Rose ~ interview on soundwall.co
2013  MakerBot  Stories Interview - Carrie Mae Rose on MakerBot Blog 
2013  This Week in Art Must-See Art Events: Light As A Feather  Art F City, Paddy Johnson 
2013  Video Interviews with Computational Fashion Fellows: Carrie Mae Rose & Kaho Abe - Eyebeam Art & Tech Center 
2013  Eyebeam Residencies Redux Digital Art & Innovation  
2013  This Week in Art Must-See Art Events: The Least Orthodox Goddess Art F City, Whitney Kimball
2013  The Least Orthodox Goddess by White Wall Magazine
2013  Gallery 151 and The Least Orthodox Goddess by Lori Forbus for LA Blog
2013  Picture This: The Goddess Kicks Ass by Oscar Laluyan for Artfuse
2013  Welcome to the Third Wave of Wearable Technology by Lieu Thi Pham for Smart Planet  
2013  Here's a Preview of a Year at Eyebeam by Whitney Kimball in the L Magazine  
2012  Alternative Histories: New York Art Spaces, 1960-2010, MIT Press - featured on page 272.
2012  The Sublime and the Vulnerable - The Art of Carrie Mae Rose ~ Interview by Zoe Romano for Digicult Magazine
2011  Wearable Weapons on whokilledbambi.co.uk
2011  Examining the Culture of Militarization by Jennifer on Electric Foxy 
2011  Scissor Sculptures: Carrie Mae Rose on ffffound.com 
2011  Eye To Eyebeam: A Conversation With Carrie Mae Rose 
2011  Radio Interview: Break Through Radio - Art Uncovered  ~ Interview by Thomas Seely
2010  Red-Handed, re:D Parsons Alumni Magazine, New York ~ online article
2001  Raw Witness, (60 page Art Book) Prescott, AZ, Self-Published.


Carrie Mae Rose is an artist, technologist and seeker whose research overlaps into the fields of fine art, technology, fashion, science and mysticism. Rose’s work has evolved from her Wearable Weapon sculptures series made from TSA scissors and razor blades to creating sculptures, prints and Computational Couture with a 3D printer and embedded with technology. Her current project, Solar Species, involves a dynamic team who is building and testing, using EEG & HPV sensor feedback, a set of Bodycrowns, Bodysuits and Bodypods to train future astronauts in meditation. She has participated in events with Brooklyn Museum, Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Fund, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, NY Hall of Science, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, IgniteNYC, Princeton Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and Parsons The New School for Design.  Recently in New York she has exhibited work in BETA Spaces, Devotion Gallery, Gallery 151, Con Artist Collective, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center and an online MoMA project entitled Design & Violence. Carrie Mae holds a M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City and a B.A. from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona.

FUTURE FOSSILS: Carrie Mae Rose & Hannah Jill Ross / Studio Shots from WelterWeight Productions on Vimeo.





Steven Vega | Harbor | November 21, 2009 from The Watermill Center on Vimeo.