During the research phase in January of 2013 during the annual Eyebeam Annual Showcase Carrie Mae Rose used a live feed with her own images and other artist who make art that shares the essence of the Ethric Body.  During the Eyebeam Annual Showcase the images were uploaded live using the hashtag #ethericbody on Twitter and Instagram.  The photos were projected & dislayed at Eyebeam Atelier in NYC January 17th - 26th, 2013.  Photo Wall built by Jordan Smilovic.

The Etheric Body can be described as a network of subtle (non-visible) energetic threads called nadis in Ayurveda, variously translated as "conduits”,"nerves", "veins", "vessels" or "arteries" that constitute the composition of the subtle body.

Nadis, also called prana in Ayurveda & chi in Chinese medicine, are part of what Rudolph Steiner calls the etheric body.  This subtle system is an energetic overlay more subtle then the nervous system and the circulatory/lymph system.

The etheric extends about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body.

-----> Read more about Rudolf Steiner's Four Fold model that describes the etheric body <-----

You might be asking... Why should I care about an etheric body?

A healthy subtle body system is about survival - ultimately the difference between life and death. The unseen governs the seen and like the the cycle of rain evaporation/ precipitation/ absorption there are many non-visible experiences and daily actions that lead up to the formation and strengthening/ weakening of the our etheric body.  The nurturance that comes from a healthy subtle body system is the difference between physical, mental, spiritual health and disease.